Plantar Fascia Foot Taping Techniques

Plantar Fascia Taping

Plantar fascia taping can be a great method for relieving the foot and heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia taping method helps support the arch of the foot and decrease the tension and stress applied on the plantar fascia and the underlying plantar muscles of the foot during walking, running and other activities.

There are two different types of plantar fascia taping that are commonly used for plantar fasciitis and other foot and heel pain problems. The first type of plantar fascia taping using regular white athletic tape (you can find it you can buy athletic tape here.)  <<<<ADD LINK>>>

A second type of plantar fascia foot taping uses kinesio taping which has more flexibility that traditional athletic tape. The technique for plantar fascia taping is also different with kinesio tape that with regular athletic tape.

The plantar fascia taping method adds support and helps limit the motion and stress on the plantar fascia, reducing the amount of micro-trauma to the plantar fascia.

Key points for successful plantar fascia taping:

1. Use a high quality white athletic tape

2. Prep the skin surface – clean and dry the foot prior to applying the tape

3. Have a systematic approach to applying the plantar fascia tape.

Once the pain is controlled, you can start on the plantar fasciitis exercises